Who can join Sportsideo?

Anyone who loves their sport - young or old - amateur or professional - players, coaches, scouts, trainers, officials, healthcare pro's, sports executives, news reporters, bloggers, or fans of the game. It is Free and Easy to join.

How do I connect with others in my Sport?

It's simple with Sportsideo. Everyone can enter their Sport's Profile in Sportsideo. Your profile includes your favorite sports, your role in those sports (player, coach, executive, fan etc.), your level (pro, beginner, novice), and your sports' history and resume. You can invite, search for, and contact your friends and teammates as well as coaches, bloggers, healthcare pro's, trainers, and others via Sportsideo's messaging. You can even write your own Blog or share Sports Tips about your Sport.

Can I upload Pictures and Videos of my Sports activities?

Yes. We encourage everyone to upload their game, practice, instructional, highlight and other videos or Photos related to your Sport to share with your friends and entire Sportsideo community throughout the world. Please review our Terms of Use, Copyright, and Privacy Policies.

Can I share my Sports Tips and write my own Blog?

Yes. Sharing knowledge, tips and tricks, training techniques, and other insights into your Sport is at the heart of Sportsideo. In addition, Sportsideo is attracting some of the best known, and most knowledgeable Sports' news reporters, healthcare professionals, coaches, scouts, instructors, nutritionists, and trainers in more than 100 Sports played around the world. You can enter a separate bio for your Blog, write articles, upload videos and pictures, and receive comments. If you are interested in learning more about our Sportsideo's Professional Blogger Program please email theeditor@sportsideo.com

Do I have to join a SportsQuest to be a Member in Sportsideo?

No. You can join Sportsideo to simply Connect, Share, Learn, Improve and Achieve with athletes, coaches, scouts, officials, executives, healthcare pro's, trainers, and news reporters throughout the world in your favorite Sports.

What is Sportsideo's SportsQuest?

Sportsideo's SportsQuest is a fundraising platform exclusively for Sports Foundation, Organizations and Teams. Sportsideo helps Sports Organizations to mobilize their fans, friends, family, former team members, current team members, alumni, colleagues, and others to raise funds for their favorite Sports Foundations, Organizations, and Teams by contributing their normal every day Sports activities. It is the Sports Community's version of the walk-a-thon using normal everyday Sports activities. It's easy - it's fun - it makes a difference!

How does my Sports Organization start a SportsQuest?

  • Register your Organization with Sportsideo to start your SportsQuest or one of your supporters who is a member of Sportsideo can invite your organization to start one. In either case it's Fast, Easy, and Free to Register.
  • Invite your team members, fans, friends, alumni, and supporters to join and help you complete your Organization's SportsQuest
  • Your team members, fans, friends, alumni, and supporters join Sportsideo and support your Organization's SportsQuest by setting their personal milestone. They invite their Sponsors to pledge $ to your organization if they achieve their milestone. They enter their normal everyday Sports activities (games, practices, meets, tournaments, walking, running, skiing. any activity) - Sportsideo converts their normal everyday sports activities to "miles" and adds those miles to your Organization's SportsQuest.
  • Your supporters' Sponsors contribute their pledges to your Sports Organization when your supporters' achieve their personal milestone or your Organization completes Sportsideo's SportsQuest - 24,901 miles - once around the world.

What is the goal of Sportsideo's SportsQuest?

The goal of Sportsideo's SportsQuest is for your Sports Organization to accumulate 24,901 miles (40,074 km) contributed from all of your supporters. That's enough miles to go once around the world - that's Sportsideo's SportsQuest! Consider this: If 250 supporters each contribute just 2 miles per day, a Sports Organization will accumulate enough miles to go once around the world (24,901 miles) within 2 months!

Can I join my favorite Sports Organization's SportsQuest?

Yes! Anyone can join Sportsideo's SportsQuest young or old - amateur or professional - and anyone can help their favorite Sports Organization by setting a Milestone, inviting Sponsors, and contributing their normal everyday Sports activities - games, practices, meets, tournaments, walking, running, skiing, biking, tennis matches, golf rounds, bowling, darts... any activity.

  • Join Sportsideo - It's Free - Fast - Easy
  • Select your favorite Sports Organization already on a SportsQuest or
    Invite your favorite Sports Organization to Register to start one
  • Enter your personal milestone (your miles goal) to contribute to your favorite Sports Organization. Your Milestone is determined by the distance between any two points. (i.e. my Milestone for the ACME SOCCER CLUB is to go from New York to Chicago or 790 miles)
  • Enter your normal everyday Sports activities in Sportsideo and we convert those activities into miles that you have contributed to your favorite Sports Organization's goal of completing the SportsQuest Sportsideo converts your normal everyday Sports activities into Miles using The Compendium of Physical Activities to convert your activities to calories burned, and calories burned to Miles.
  • Invite your friends, family, colleagues, etc. to Sponsor your activities and miles with a Pledge $ amount to the Sports Organization
  • Track the progress of your favorite Sports Organization's SportsQuest - the "TEAM" of people who like you are all contributing their everyday activities and Sponsor's pledges to this Sports Organization.

Why do you ask for my weight when I join a SportsQuest?

We use your weight along with the Metabolic Intensities (MET) that are found in The Compendium of Physical Activities to calculate your miles. We convert the calories you burn with each activity into the equivalent number of miles walked. (The Compendium of Physical Activities Tracking Guide. Healthy Lifestyles Research Center, College of Nursing & Health Innovation, Arizona State August 30, 2011 from the World Wide Web, Ainsworth BE, Haskell WL, Herrmann SD, Meckes N, Bassett Jr DR, Tudor-Locke C, Greer JL, Vezina J, Whitt-Glover MC, Leon AS).

Do I need to play organized Sports to join my favorite Sports Organization's SportsQuest?

No! You can contribute any type of normal everyday sports activity to your favorite Sports Organization - running, walking, running, biking, playing a softball game, cricket practice, soccer sprints, volleyball practice, skiing, Yoga class, football game, lacrosse game, a sumo match, Pilates, swimming, weight lifting, baseball practice, hockey game... any normal everyday sports activity!

How do I pick my favorite Sports Organization in Sportsideo?

Anyone can select or invite any favorite Sports Organization - a Foundation, College Team, Association, League, High School Team, Club Team, Youth Organization, Local Team - any Sports Organization. If your favorite Sports Organization has already started a SportsQuest, you can select them and join in. If they haven't started one yet, simply invite your favorite Sports Organization to register with Sportsideo to start their SportsQuest and receive the benefits of the program. The only restriction is that the Organization must be engaged in Sports.

Why do you ask me to enter my Destination when I enter my Milestone?

This is one of the really fun features of Sportsideo's SportsQuest. When you enter your Milestone we ask for your destination to give you a goal to achieve and to calculate the total miles you want to contribute to your favorite Sports Organization. After you enter your destination, we track your progress on the Map from your starting destination adding miles each time you enter a normal everyday Sports Activity. You can easily see your progress on the Map, and can review all of the activities you have entered. When you reach your destination, your Sponsors will pay their pledges to your favorite Sports Organization.

How do I know the number of miles that my Sports activities are contributing to my favorite Sports Organization's SportsQuest?

After you enter your Personal Milestone that you are contributing to your favorite Sports Organization, Sportsideo tracks your miles each time you enter a normal everyday Sports activity. Your can track your total miles, see the progress you are making toward your Milestone on our Google Map interface, and chart the miles you have gone and total calories you have burned.

How do I join a SportsQuest Team?

When you enter a Milestone for your favorite Sports Organization, you automatically join the Team of other people throughout the world who are contributing their normal everyday sports activities to the same Sports Organization. Sportsideo adds together all of the miles that are contributed by each person on the Team to move the Sports Organization around the world.

How many people who can help a Sports Organization complete its SportsQuest?

There is no minimum or maximum number of Supporters or Miles that each Supporter can contribute to the same Sports Organization's SportsQuest.

I have a few favorite Sports Organizations that I would like to support. Can I join more than one Sports Organization's SportsQuest?

Yes. You can contribute your daily sports activities to another favorite Sports Organization after you have completed your Milestone or your Sports Organization completes its SportsQuest. We enable you to create new Milestones for each Sports Organization you would like to support, but you can only contribute to one Sports Organization at a time. When you complete your Milestone for your favorite Sports Org, or when the Sports Organization's Team together completes one full trip around the world (24,901 miles), your Sponsors pay their pledged $ to your Sports Organization and you can create another Milestone for another Sports Organization with the same or different set of Sponsors.

Who can Sponsor my activities for the benefit of my favorite Sports Organization?

You can invite anyone you know - friends, family, professional colleagues, companies - anyone to sponsor your Milestone on behalf of your favorite Sports Organization. Sponsors can accept your invitation by Pledging $ to your favorite Sports Organization in support of your activities contribution. Due to payment processing costs, we ask that Sponsors Pledge a minimum of $3.00.

When will my Sponsors be charged for their Pledges?

Sponsors will be charged for their Pledges when either: a) you complete your Milestone (reach the destination and miles goal that you are contributing to your favorite Sports Organization) or b) your favorite Sports Organization completes its SportsQuest by accumulating 24,901 miles from all of the people contributing activities to the Sports Org. When one of those events occurs Sportsideo will notify you, the Sports Organization, and your Sponsors and then processes your Sponsors' Pledges via secure payment processing. Sportsideo then remits payment to the Sports Organization.

Please note that Sponsors never pay more than their Pledge amount. Sportsideo charges a 7.50% Administrative and Payment Processing Fee to cover the costs of processing payments to Sports Organizations, and deducts that amount from the payments made to the Sports Organization. Sportsideo's Administrative and Payment Processing Fees cover the administrative and transactional costs for the payments to the Sports Organizations.

How does a Sponsor know if he or she is pledging to a legitimate Sports Organization?

Each Sports Organization that registers with Sportsideo is required to complete a detailed registration form that includes their logo, website, phone number, contact information, and government ID number. Sportsideo enables all of our members to review Sports Organization information by providing each Sports Organization with its own page within Sportsideo. We strongly encourage all members to look at the wide array of Sports Organizations participating within Sportsideo, and we recommend that Sponsors take the time to review each Sports Organization's information before pledging.

Are my Sponsors' payments to my Sports Organizations tax deductible?

Sportsideo does not know if your Sponsors will receive any tax benefits for their pledges and payments to your favorite Sports Organizations. We recommend that your Sponsors check with their tax advisors regarding the type and status of the Sports Organizations to determine if there is any benefit that they may result from the payment to your Sports Organizations. Since Sportsideo's mission is to increase the participation in and development of Sports played throughout the world, we do not restrict the types of Sports Organizations you may choose as your favorite Sports Organizations. On registration, however, we do ask every Sports Organization to inform our Members if they are a bona fide not-for-profit organization. Please note, however, that we do not verify the tax status of each Sports Organization who registers with us, and we do not restrict any Sports Organization from registering with us.

How does Sportsideo make money?

Sportsideo's revenue is derived from advertising, alliances with 3rd party providers of services and products, administrative service fees, and affiliate relationships.

The Team at Sportsideo, October, 2011