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My observations and occasional critical analysis of matters related to Major League Baseball, with much of the focus on the New York Yankees. Content relates to players, teams and the general business events surrounding the game. The intention is to share my insights with the casual fan and the passionate enthusiast who follows baseball year round.

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August 26, 2013
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The New York Yankees boast the highest payroll of any professional team in sports – nearly $230 million. This is meant to ensure the team has the best players on the field and to make certain their manager, Joe Girardi, has the tools to have a successful season, which for the Yankees means more than just a playoff run.  The 2013 Yankees may be the highest paid franchise, but they&rsq...

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August 21, 2013
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If the contentious negotiations between the New York Yankees and Derek Jeter in the offseason preceding his current three-year, $51 million contract are any indication, this offseason could be even worse. Jeter, coming off what was his worst season in pinstripes, hit .270/.340/.370 and his range at shortstop continued to decline in 2010. This significantly decreased his value in the eyes of the...

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August 19, 2013
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Major League Baseball has long been slow to change in certain areas of the sport. They ignored performance-enhancing drugs for years until finally revolutionizing the disciplinary process. MLB has expanded its playoff structure twice in the last few decades, ensuring more teams are “in it” for a longer period of time, thus adding excitement in August and September for more fans. Unf...

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February 22, 2013
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The New York Yankees finally made the right call yesterday when they realigned the outfield during practice drills. The change isn’t set in stone, but if given the proper time to evolve the Yankees outfield has the potential to be very effective. For some time I and many others believed that Brett Gardner was the better option to man center field which would have shuttled Curtis Granderso...

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February 12, 2013
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Members of the New York Yankees have begun to arrive at their Spring Training destination in Tampa, Fl ready to embark on their quest for a 28th World Series championship title. Pitchers and catchers reported this morning and position players must be in camp by Feb. 17. When a club spends over $200 million on their payroll, it is hard to imagine that the team would have many question marks. But...

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