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Bears Rookie LB Jon Bostic Fined $21K

August 22, 2013

Last Thursday night the NFL and all of its fans, predominately the Chicago Bears fans, came to recognize a new term in the NFL, "The Boom-Bostic".

This term was made when the Chicago Bears rookie linebacker drafted out of Florida Jon Bostic made a mind-blowing hit on the San Diego Chargers' receiver Mike Willie. Well that hit was seen clean by the officials manning the preseason game between the Chargers and Bears. Then came Wednesday August 21st, the NFL fined Bostic $21K for his hit on Willie. The Bears veteran linebacker and pro-bowler Lance Briggs took to Twitter to express his thoughts on the situation and said, "Shaking my head moment, NFL fined Bostic $21K for his clean hit against the Chargers." Briggs went on to tweet "Bostic's hit illegal, hit on Dustin Keller, legal."

Recently the Miami Dolphins tight end Dustin Keller was tackled around his legs and his knee had bent in a way that is inhumanly possible. That hit ended Keller's season and possibly his career, but Willie got up just fine after being hit by Bostic.

Obviously many people can't grasp the fact that the NFL felt the need to fine Bostic for making the right play at the right time. According to ESPNChicago's Jeff Dickerson Bostic is making $405,000 in salary this season in addition to $1,246,036 in signing bonus. Dickerson notes that Bostic’s fine of $21k is about a games worth of his check. Bostic can appeal the fine.

NFL's vice president Dean Blandino took to the NFL Network to clarify why Bostic was fined.

"The Bostic hit is illegal because he used the crown of his helmet to deliver a forcible blow to the body of the receiver. For this hit to be legal, he has to get the helmet to the side and use the shoulder to deliver the blow, or hit the receiver with his head up. Those are the two techniques that we are trying to get back in the game. So using the crown to deliver the blow to the body; that is a foul when you're talking about a hit on a defenseless player," Blandino said.

With so many former NFL players with reported brain damage and neck injuries or any head injury in general it seems the NFL is trying to prevent that from occurring from here on.

Let's look to see if Bostic can put this fine behind him and still show up to play come Friday night against the Oakland Raiders.

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Photo courtesy of the Miami Herald

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